House Of Vans

Sat 5th Oct

On Saturday October 5th we'll be hosting the Got It For Cheap London art show.

Got It For Cheap (GIFC) is a travelling art show series curated by artists Charlie Roberts and Chris Rexroad that features more than 1,000 participating artists from around the world. Well known artists are displayed alongside a range of their up-and-coming contemporaries. The broad selection of works available are all originals, roughly A4 in size and priced at £30. 

In 2018 GIFC added the Velvet Ropes series. Velvet Ropes work are roughly A3 in size and priced at £100. This art show will include both GIFC and Velvet Ropes. 

The goal of GIFC is to make buying original art accessible to all people and to give young artists a platform to both sell their work and be exposed to a worldwide audience. With each drawing priced at either £30 or £100, GIFC invites a broader audience to engage and buy original art works. Additionally the low price allows the artist to loosen up, have fun and experiment with their art. Since the beginning of GIFC, dozens of young artists have been discovered through the shows and online presence, resulting in exhibitions at established galleries. 

With people lining up hours before the openings to be the first through the door and secure work by a particular artist, the shows offer excitement and engagement from the public that isn't often seen in the art world.

Notable artists that have taken part: 

Nina Chanel Abney, Ryan Travis Christian Brad Phillips, Constance Tenvik, Austin Lee, Chelsea Culprit, Ann Cathrin November Hoibo, Morgan Blair, Michael Simpson, Anna Bjerger, Josh Reames, Anja Salonen, Anton Horfee, Matt Mignanelli, Christof Mascher, Kristy Luck, Drake Carr Nicascio Fernandez, Jaime Felton, Canyon Castator, Peter Granados, Claire Milbrath, B.  Thom Stevenson, Molly Boundsa, Aaron Jupin & Alex Da Corte. 


Saturday October 5th: 10am - 8pm