Haunted House of Vans

Music Skate/BMX

House Of Vans

Mon 31st Oct

This halloween we invite you to the Haunted House Of Vans for the most terrifying horror experience.

Make your way into the house from 1pm to witness some of the best UK skateboarders battle it out in the bowl for £1000 prize money, followed by the much anticipated video by Lucas Fiederling 'Where We Come From' with full part from Vans Skate team rider Chris Pfanner in amongst some of the best European skateboarders.

Doors close briefly at 8pm to prepare for the ultimate horror house experience, reopening at 9:30pm with scenes of massacre, terrifying torture and sounds of pounding heavy rhythms, neck-pulsing guitar riffs and guttural wrenching vocals. Hang The Bastard will start the proceedings, followed closely by Gothenburg’s finest metallers Bombus.

This is sure to get the blood pumping and prepare you for what is in store for the second half of the night. While screams are heard and the ghouls of the house bellow out, the instruments go down and the turntables come out.

The grimy bass sounds take centre stage and take you onto a journey into the Jungle until 3am.

Dillinja, Die and Dogger will be rolling out the sounds until the end of the night, bringing you bass heavy breakbeats, amens and rolling out some bangers to the jungliest massive alongside the lyrical sounds of LX One.


Saturday 31st October

BOWL COMP (All ages welcome): 3.00pm - 6:00pm

'WHERE WE COME FROM' VIDEO (All ages welcome): 7:00pm

HALLOWEEN GIG (18+ Only, Booking Required): 9.30pm - 3:00am

Free Entry