House of Vans Cinema: Long Live Hooky Street (Best Of: Only Fools & Horses)

Fri 10th May
Sun 2nd Jun

Join us as we count down the most memorable episodes from 'Only Fools & Horses'. 

5th May


Big Brother (The first one) - 30 min

The Russians Are Coming (The one with the nuclear bunker) - 30 min

Losing Streak (The one where Boycie and Del play cards) - 30 min

The Yellow Peril (The one with the paint) - 30 min

10th May


It Never Rains... (The one where they go to Benidorm) - 30 min

A Touch of Glass (The one with the chandelier) - 30 min

Friday the 14th (The one with the axe murdered) - 30 min

Wanted (Rodney has been a silly boy) - 30 min

12th May


Who's a Pretty Boy (Denzil's Canary) - 30 min

Happy Returns (Rodney might be dating his sister) - 30 min

Strained Relations (Goodbye Grandad. Hello Uncle Albert) - 30 min

It's Only Rock and Roll ("I do the One Two Three Fours!") - 30 min

17th May


The Hull and Back (The boys are Amsterdam bound) - 90 min

18th May


The Longest Night (Overnight in a supermarket) - 30 min

The Frogs Legacy (The boys learn about their mums 'friend', Freddy) - 60 min

19th May


Yuppy Love (The one where Del falls through the bar) - 50 min

The Unlucky Winner Is... (Rodney wins an art competition) - 50 min

23rd May


The Jolly Boys' Outing (A lovely trip to Margate) - 55 min

Stage Fright (Rachel's duet with Tony Angelino) - 50 min

26th May


Three Men, a Woman, a Baby (The one where Rodney wears the ponytail) - 50 min

Mother Nature Son (Peckham Springs) - 65 min

30th May


Fatal Extraction (Del has been working too much) - 85 min

31th May


Heroes and Villains (Batman & Robin) - 60 min

Time On Our Hands (The one with the pocket watch) - 60 min

1st June


If They Could See Us Now (The boys loose it all) - 71 min

2nd June ***Only one showing of each.***


Sleepless In Peckham (The boys could loose the flat) - 75 min

Rock & Chips (The Truth About Joan and Freddie) - 90 min

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