Documentary: Kamali

Film Skate/BMX Street Culture

House Of Vans

Mon 8th Mar
Sun 28th Mar

To celebrate International Women's Day we've dug into our film archives and we'll be screening BAFTA-nominated KAMALI for three weeks starting Monday, March 8th. Streaming exclusively with Minute Shorts, Kamali is the story of a young Indian girl who's the only skateboarder in her village and the documentary explores how locals told her mother that skateboarding may affect her chances of getting married. We delve deeper into the story behind the making of the film through a Q&A with film director Sasha Rainbow, hosted by Minute Shorts' Thea Ardeleanu. They'll explore women and skate culture, motherhood and heroes and will ask with International Women's Day means to them.


Synopsis: Seven year old Kamali is the only girl skateboarder in a small fishing village in India where, by chance, a skate ramp happened to be built right outside her house. Kamali's timorous mother, Suganthi, gives in to a burning desire to escape her past and decides to take a pilgrimage in a quest for self discovery. As mother and daughter are separated for the first time, they must both find their freedom as they dare to step outside into a man's world.

Kamali is the debut documentary of director Sasha Rainbow who focuses on telling stories of heroic figures she finds in marginalised parts of society who otherwise wouldn't have a voive. Filmed in her signature cinematic style, Kamali is a thoughtful and poetic film of which its graceful rich colours are rattled by a punchy soundtrack.