Sk8 FryDays


Fri 4th May

Join us for all the usualSk8 Fry-Days shenanigans on May 4th, this time under the sapient curation of Datford's finest Altar Skate Shop

If you're not already familiar, one Friday once a month we host a night that caters for a crew who want four hours of uninterrupted shred with a square meal at half time and a skate premiere in our cinema.

Expect cash for tricks jams, a generous dose of free fried chicken & beers plus an exclusive screening of the full lengthAltar x Sk8 Frydaysedit, filmed at House of Vans.

Our tunnel 2 stage will be on fire with live performances byTailblock and Grenades, while Dogger & crew hand out cash for tricks in our street course, mini ramp and bowl jams.

Our in-tunnel café The Wall SE1 will keep you fed and watered, with a delicious serving of fried chicken & falafels washed down with an ice cold beer.


Skate Session: 18:00 – 22:00

Video Premiere - Three Amigos x Sk8 Frydays: 20:00

Free | No Booking Required