9 reasons House Of Vans is London's best kept secret

What is it? Why haven't I heard of it before? How do I find it?

House of Vans is our top secret London hideout that put's the 'awe' in awesome, and here's why: 1. Underground scene It's not so much that you need to be in the know (everyone's welcome!), more that you need to know where to find us. House Of Vans is five sprawling tunnels underneath Waterloo Station, the former home of arts venue Old Vic Tunnels, and can be accessed by leaving London's most famous graffiti tunnel (Leake Street) or via Exit 1 at Waterloo Station. NG_140807_VFC_HOV-19512. Family valuesSteve (Vans) Van Doren is still at the helm of the world's most famous waffle soled shoe after inheriting the company from his father. A real family business built on the belief that a bunch of folks (be it actual relations, staff or buddies) make up the Vans family and helped it become what it is today. House of Vans was built on that ideology. The venue is a community space for London's families to come learn, create and skate for free! 2J6A15513. Hall of fame Some of the worlds biggest bands and solo artists have played at House Of Vans, including but not limited to:
  • Foo Fighters (still not over it)
  • Metallica (will never be over it)
  • Dizzee Rascal (most gnarly dude ever, took a few slams on a skateboard but got back up and tried again... while his manager watched anxiously)
NG_140911_VFC_HOV-FF-6258+(2)4. Awe-some Architecture In 2014 Peter Hellicar, Tim Greatrex and Marc Churchill were commissioned to build a high functioning community space inside a 150 year old underground tunnel. As our interior images show, they did a stupidly good job and have since won multiple design awards including 'Building of the Year 2016' and 'Best Interior Scheme' - making House Of Vans one of London's visual spectacles! Prime iPhoneography fodder in fact... HOV LDN bowl25. Cinema on the House Each month we host free cinema screenings across a wide spectrum of genres: from family friendly to box office blockbusters and foreign language films. Our most popular listings include 'Dogwoof Film Series' , a monthly movie night complete with Q&A, hosted by Britain's biggest distributor of documentary film and Little Rippers Film Club, a post-Skate Skool screening of an animated or live action kids classic. 6. Gallery of dreams One of our tunnels is dedicated art and the team here curate monthly exhibitions by exciting artists, photographers, designers and collaborators. From giant musical climbing frames to the original work of Disney artists, we've been lucky enough to host some amazing shows and have eight more planned in for 2017! Polyphonic Playground - 2 of 277. Learn to skate You definitely don't need to be able to skate to come through our turnstiles. Every weekend we teach a group as big as 30-40 to skate for free! Plus we provide pads, boards, helmets and a locker to store your stuff while you learn to shred. IMG_74828. Our food is off The Wall Our in-tunnel cafe The Wall is not only visually impressive, but it serves up an awesome weekend brunch menu alongside some all-American classics. It's the perfect place to chill while you watch your kids or mates wobble around in the skatepark. ICD_TOxS-69369. We're here! Promise! You haven't you heard of us? Well, we're certainly not aloof. In fact, we've been around for two years but much of the London community still think of us as a skatepark - when in fact, we do a whole bunch of cool stuff! Now you know, so no excuses! May the 4th be with you.   House of Vans will reopen, fully renovated, on Thursday 4th May 2017 with a jam packed programme of events! Put the date in your diary.