A Beginners Guide to Skateboarding

IMG_7493 The majority of calls we receive on the House Of Vans London hotline are from curious parents whose children want to get into skateboarding or those who think they're too old to jump aboard. It's never too early or late to start, but where to start? We sat down with House Of Vans Operations Manager, and pro-rider, Rob Smith for his beginners guide to skateboarding.   Q. What is the first step for people who are thinking of getting into skateboarding? A. Go to your local skate shop and tell the staff you want to get into skateboarding, he/she will show you what options they have for a good beginners professional skateboard setup. Don’t buy a skateboard from catalogue order or sports store as it won’t work the way a skateboard should and will limit your progression! Q. What equipment do people need to start out? A. The board mentioned above along with some pads and a helmet to keep you safe while you're unsteady. We provide boards, pads and helmets at our weekend Skate Skool sessions - which are completely free for anyone of any age or ability to attend! Q. Is there any particular type of footwear you should wear? A. To begin with, anything with flat soles. A nice pair of Vans Slip-Ons will do the job! Q. How often should you spend practising? A. Every waking moment! Skate to school, skate to the shop, skate to the skatepark and back again. Q. What is the ideal place or type of terrain to learn? A. Go out on the streets, getting used to the bumpy terrain will make it feel like a dream when you skate on something smoother. Although if the thought of that intimidates you, our Skate Skool sessions are awesome because our qualified instructors are there to catch you before a fall and give you feedback on how you're doing. Q. Where can I watch videos to perfect my tricks? A. Buy some videos from your local skate shop or check out websites like HellaClips, Sidewalk, Thrasher and TransWorld. Q. Are there any Instagram accounts I should follow? A. Probably @metroskateboarding, @whyidontskateboard and...me, @dogger!   House Of Vans next Skate Skool sessions take place on the 6th & 7th May 2017, go book a slot!