Bikes & Burgers: An Interview with Endless Magazine's Eisa Bakos

Vans Illustrated 25Above: Eisa, right, presenting Nathan with a frame at a Bikes & Burgers jam

We caught up with Eisa Bakos, the man behind Endless Magazine and our monthly BMX night, to give you the lowdown on Bikes & Burgers.

1. Eisa, tell us a bit about yourself buddy. How long have you been riding?

I'm 25 and live in South London. I've been riding for about 9-10 years and shooting photos for nearly 7 of those. 2. Endless Magazine is one of our favourite publications and majorly popular with House Of Vans regulars. What inspired you to set up a print mag in the digital age? I actually worked as a photographer for Ride UK, a former print publication. When they decided to pull the plug on print and go digital back in April 2015 we decided to go our separate ways. After that I had the motivation to start up something on my own rather than dedicate months to photography projects for them to get lost online. I prefer to have something tangible, the feel of paper, than scrolling a computer screen or phone. 3. What are your favourite London riding spots and why? Keep in mind that if House Of Vans isn’t one of them, we’re revoking your drinks tokens. Winstanley Estate in Clapham is probably my favourite. Otherwise, I usually go nearby to Stockwell or Clapham Park...House Of Vans on a bike night obvsss... 4. You’re the hostess with the mostess at Bikes and Burgers, tell our readers what they can expect at our BMX only nights. Some corrupt music, luscious food and free beer. Every month it gets bigger and better with new faces turning up all the time. Excited to see what's good with the changes to the park at the next Bikes & Burgers! 5. Finally, give us the rundown of your top 5 tricks you've seen at House Of Vans. 1. Chase ice to fakie on the vert wall was madness! nathan   2. Gregg Illingworth wall ride out the skate bowl and into the locker room, that was madness! tumblr_o0i5ooBMkj1stcxxqo1_1280   3. Nathan one handed manual madness in the bowl BJ4U5536 4. Gregg Illingworth wall ride over the door into the vert wall in the street section 12484659_10153916816747146_1363074340597340766_o   Photography by Eisa Bakos and George Marshall. Our next night of carnage on two-wheels is Thursday 18th May, see you there!