House Of Vans hooks up with Ourscreen for 'Cinema, Sometimes'

House of Vans joined forces with UK based digital platform ourscreen to bring Cinema, Sometimes to the tunnels: an exciting new film project that allows you to attend, create and share film screenings in amazing spaces, just like ours! To create a screening visit our Cinema, Sometimes venue page at, choose your film, select a date and time and share with your friends. To attend a screening, all you need to do is get a free ticket and share the screening with your friends. If enough of you book tickets - the screening happens! Our launch date could well be on September 3rd and there are already over 350 films on the platform, including some recent hits like Wall-E, foreign language masterpieces like Jules et Jim and cult classics like Easy Rider. Screenings are FREE and will be hosted in our 100-seat Cinema space. Welcome to people-powered cinema!