House of Vans joins Apple Music's circle of Curators

Building upon an unwavering commitment to creative expression, we're stoked to announce that House of Vans has joined forces with Apple Music to unite a global audience through a dedicated Curators profile, which will host bespoke music selections and specially curated content. Through live music sets and gigs, House of Vans has brought an incredible roster of some of the biggest music acts in the world, from Metallica to the Foo Fighters, Rise Against to Public Enemy, Nas and many more to a global audience. As Vans continues to honor over 51 years of “Off The Wall” and foster a rich heritage strongly committed to music, what better way to bring together fantastic music acts old and new via one platform that can be accessed from wherever you are in the world. The House of Vans Curator Profile on Apple Music will showcase the best of House of Vans. Amongst other picks from the wider global editorial team, House of Vans’ curator profile launches with a mix of heritage Playlists and flagship series:
  • Office Stereo’: - a monthly Playlist series to showcase what music is hot in Vans offices around the globe
  • In Residence’: - a monthly Playlist series curated by Vans Family Members such as Vans Pro Skater Kyle Walker
The House of Vans Curator Channel launches on on November 30th, joining an exclusive circle of Curators including Rolling Stone, Vice, MTV, Pitchfork and Hypebeast. For House of Vans updates, visit or