Photo Gallery & Interview: Mid Mic Crisis

Last Thursday House of Vans welcomed DRS and his family of contributors to launch forthcoming album Mid Mic Crisis.
Live performers included DRS himself, Toddla T, Tyler Daley, Skittles, Shola Ama, Terri Walker, 8 Gold Rings, Serocee,Chimpo and a coach load more. The accompanying photography exhibition by Chelone Wolf also debuted in Tunnel 1, documenting the Mid Mic Crisis writing and recording process.
  Interview with DRS
So, How do you feel that went?! It was the best night of my life and I'm so grateful for firstly Rob smith believing it could happen, and then House of Vans getting behind the idea! Things like this don't happen for people like me so I'm literally over the moon. What would you say was the highlight of the evening?! So many Highlights but my favourites were: 1: walking the band and equipment into the venue and everyone's faces when they saw where they would be playing! Lol priceless! 2: Toddla T - Chimpo - Fox - Serocee set. VIBES! 3: Skittles Live. VIBES! 4: Chelone’s AMAZING Exhibition And finally seeing all the hard work Dogger and I put in come to a head in such a spectacular manner!! The band are a talented bunch aren’t they? How long have you been working with them and do you want to tell us a little bit more about them?  I've known these guys apart from Jack for years. We've been working together as DRS Live for a few months. These guys are absolute Gs!!! And wouldn't be able to do what I've dreamt of for years without them. Thanks lads. Band: 8 Gold Rings Bricky - Band Lead/Keyboards Ben - Bass/Midi Action Ali - Guitar/Mpc Jack - Horns Oppo - Sound man The crowd had a certain energy that was hard to describe, could you do a better job of describing the people that attended? Our crowd is a proper mix bag, a bit of everyone. The common vibe and energy between us all is love! I know it sounds corny but "that's my thing" and that's the energy. That was in the air on the night and you can feel it oozing from Dan Joyce's Mind blowing video of the proceedings. It's simple really - "You send out LOVE, it comes back 100 Fold". I feel like there were quite a lot of talent in the crowd too, a lot of famous faces, people you look up to and have influenced you in the past. What does it feel like to see all those people come down to House of Vans to watch you preform?! It fills me with joy!! Felt like crying all of Thursday night (LOL) You can't explain the feeling when nearly your whole scene comes out to support your dreams! Crazy!! But I'm so grateful for everyone's time and good vibes, thanks! Who was your favourite artist to watch from the 21 artists who preformed on your night and why? I don't have a favourite but Toddla and Chimpos set was A LOT. That needs to happen again! The photo exhibition by Chelone Wolfe was amazing, So many striking images, how did that all come about?! It came about the same way as the Vans event, good friends chatting and dreaming! I wanted to document my second album, the process, the ups and downs, happiness and sorrow! Chelone is the guy I trust and feel comfortable with in front of his lens. The same way I do video wise with Joe Gavin, or more recently Dan Joyce. Whats next for DRS?! Next is my UK Tour starting around October. My launch at the House of vans was AMAZING! I Invited loads of promoters and agents down to the event, so the words out. It Was the best night of my life, I feel like everything was leading up to last Thursday. Every Dogger has his day! That was mine! Well, DRS another amazing album, you brought a lot of talented artists together and created something special. Thanks for coming down to share it with us and tell your story. Any last words? Yeah, I would like to thank every single person who came down to House Of Vans. It meant so much to me and I'm eternally grateful! Also a Massive thanks to all staff at vans, security, bar staff, receptionist, promoters, sound people. And finally thanks all the ARTISTS and acts that donated there time to my dreams! Including Rob (dogger) Smith and Chelone Wolf. Love the lot of yas!