Q&A with Kyla La Grange - Headliner of the first 'OFFICE House Party'

Electro-pop starlet Kyla La Grange will be headlining an all female line up for the first event of the ‘Office House Parties’ which will be taking place at House of Vans on Friday the 20th of February. KYLA LA GRANGE We met Kyla for a Q&A and chatted through her music tastes, party life, fashion icons and her affinity with Vans. Check out the full interview: 1. Have you visited the House of Vans before?

"No I haven't, I've heard good things though..."

2. Are you a Vans fan? What is your favourite pair?

"Yes, I had a very beloved pair of chubby Vans skate shoes when I was a teenager and I wore them for years until my feet had worn through the end and they fell apart. I've just been looking at some of the new stuff though and it looks great, I especially love the canvas high-tops."

3. So this is OFFICE’s first House Party at the House of Vans, do you have any funny house party stories?

"Um, my friend had a house party a couple of years ago that she billed as fancy dress (i mean like the invite said fancy dress and everything) so me and two of my friends went all out, fake moustaches, wigs, everything, and when we opened the door about 50 people wearing normal clothes just stared at us and then started giggling. Pretty much no one else was in fancy dress."

20154. Have you got anything exciting planned for 2015? New album? A tour?

"I just finished touring my second album so this year is all about writing. I'm collaborating with a few different people at the moment which has been really interesting for me because i never used to like collaborating but now i do."

Style5. Describe your style in 3 words?

"Scruffy glittery magpie."

6. Who are your style icons?

"Natasha Khan, Grimes, Charlotte Free and FKA Twigs."

Music7. What first influenced you to become a musician?

"I don't know really, i was just always writing little songs and stories from when i was a kid. I just liked it. I liked making stuff on my own." 

8. What song have you got on repeat on your Spotify playlist?

"Sean Paul - Temperature"

9. Describe your first gig – who did you go see, how old were you, where was it?

"I think I was about 14, I went to see this very earnest slightly emo American rock band called 'Live' who I was totally obsessed with, at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Still have the hoodie."

Extra10. Name 3 things you couldn’t live without?

"Baked beans, my dog and my running trainers."