Q&A with Kevin Peraza

This coming Thursday 21st February, the first ever BMX Support Group hits House of Vans as part of Vans (Un)filtered Night. We caught up with Tucson based rider Kevin Peraza to find out more about his European tour, life on the road and his plans for the future. 

Take the leap. 

Introduce yourself. 

Hello, I am Kevin Peraza, 24 years old from Tucson, AZ, USA. 

Tell us a little about working on your first signature shoe. How was the creative process behind this? What did you enjoy the most? 

It was such a blessing not only to be part of Vans but also to get the opportunity to design my own show with the new BMX Waffle Cup technology. It was fun to be able to brainstorm different colours and ideas into a shoe and a shirt design. 

First time touring the UK? Do you have a favourite park? 

Not my first time. Love cruising around London on my spare time between trips in Europe or in England, definitely love the vibes and the history and architecture the city has. My favourite park has to be either the Source BMX Park in Hastings, or this DIY one called 'The Spot' somewhere in North London. 

Who are some riders you're inspired by and have influenced your style throughout the years? Anyone local? 

I have LOTS of favourite riders and dudes that have influenced me in my whole life; my Vans team mate Gary Young is at the top. Legend, incredible person and just all round rider since the beginning. With the Unfiltered Night at House of Vans, my favourites are Simone and Courage, such different and fun styles to watch. Dennis Enarson recently got added to the (Vans) team and he has been of great influence to my riding when I was growing up. But the list can go on forever, haha. 

As part of the upcoming (Un)filtered Night, you will be hosting Europe's first BMX Support Group. What should folks expect? What was the inspiration behind this idea?

The Support Group is about getting everyone together and simply remembering to help and support each other in this life. We all go through a rough moment or struggle at some point, so it's important and just a damn good feeling to have family, friends and other people that support you and have your back. The new campaign on the shoe has a new Waffle Cup Pro sole on it that helps keep your feet feeling solid and going strong after a session, that's how we go the idea of 'Feeling Support'd'. 

What's your advice to folks who see what you do and want to pursue it as a career? 

Always remember to do what you love and why you started in the first place. Spread love, positivity, knowledge and learn from others. Help and grow with your family and friends. You can't do it without them! 

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

Being able to share unforgettable moments during contests or events, simply just travel with my long time heroes, family and friends. My parents, my three brothers that ride, my girlfriend and friends that show me love and support. This is a priceless feeling that gets me motivated as well. 

What are your favourite VANS (...other than your signature shoe)? 

Has to be the Slip-On Pro!

What's coming up for you in 2019 that you can share with us? Where are you headed next? 

This year I have plenty of trips in mind, contest and video projects that I want to do. My next trip is Cape Town, South Africa for two different events, then I am off to Sydney, Australia for the Vans Pro Cup then straight into Hiroshima, Japan the following weekend. Then I am back in Europe...and the list goes on! Cant' complain, really, I have a busy yet blessed schedule for 2019.