Q&A with Vans Ambassador Lucy Adams

Iconic UK skater Lucy Adams is joining Vans' Get On Board celebrations, which will be taking place at House of Vans this Saturday, 9th March before taking off to Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Milan.

We met Lucy for a Q&A and chatted through her skateboarding icons, upcoming travel plans and her affinity with Vans. Check out the full interview: 

Introduce  yourself! 

Hey, I am Lucy Adams and I started skateboarding in 1997! I am from a small town called Horsham in West Sussex, UK. My local skatepark is Crawley but I try to skate a lot of street. I also ride for Lovenskate, Chpo and flow for Carhartt WIP, Bones and Thunder. 

After launching their Get On Board campaign last year, Vans are bringing this back in 2019 aiming to empower more girls to skateboarding. How does it feel to be part of this? 

I was stoked to be part of the London and Milan ones last year so I got to experience first hand already what great and inspiring events they are. With learnings from last year, and some improvements and extra people involved, this year's campaign looks set to be even better. There are skate clinics, street markets, photography exhibitions, freebies and skate jams; and it feels awesome to be in the mix with Shani, Helena and Amy to support. 

Who are some female riders you're inspired by and have influenced your style throughout the years. Anyone local? 

Well, I have always been inspired by Elissa Steamer and Jaime Reyes. They were the first female skaters I saw in vids & magazines and I thought their skateboard styles and also the clothes and shoes they wore were dope! I am also motivated by some UK talent such as Josie Millard, Helena Long and Zeta Rush. It's hard to skate a lot of streets in the UK but these girls are pushing it and I love seeing new footage from them. 

You have just been to Indonesia shooting with the Vans Europe team, can you tell us a bit more about this trip? 

It was such an honour to be invited on this trip after just getting on to the team! Hanging with everyone for a full two weeks meant we really got to know each other and we have a rad time. We had some challenges with the overwhelming heat and a lot of traffic, but the spots were good and we all gave it our all. Jakarta was pretty crazy the whole time with loads of people and long days butBali was a lot more chilled. 

What's your advice to girls who see what you do and want to pursue it as a career?  

Having skateboarding being your passion is really important to achieving the above! That wil help you strive to carve out a career because it isn't easy. There will always be someone who is more marketable or popular images are changing so you need to think about whether to stay true to yourself or constantly meeting the needs of others. It's not that clear cut though to be honest. There are loads of different ways to have a career in skateboarding - not just be a pro skater. I have a full time job to pay the bills but it's quite flexible and that enables me to travel and skate which is what I love. 

What keeps you inspired and motivated? 

Learning new tricks is the thing that most keeps me motivated. It's so exciting going out for a skate and coming home with that feeling of landing something new that you'd never thought you'd be able to do a while back. Working on photo or filming projects and see them coming to fruition is always something that keeps me going and gets me stoked. Also, seeing others learn and progress is pretty inspiring and I love that you can feel the buzz from others. 

What's something you've been able to accomplish that still makes you have a 'pinch me' moment? 

Having a pro board out on Lovenskate in 2017 will always be one of the most significant achievements for me! My favourite brand, a team of the best skaters and human beings and getting to be their first Pro! So stoked on that and forever grateful. I was also able to work with an artist I love to help design the graphic which is really important to me. Riding something that you've been part of making is an unf***withable feeling! 

What's coming up for you in 2019 that you can share with us? Where are you headed next? 

I will be heading out to a host of different European cities with Vans, working these Girls Skate Camps that I am so stoked on. I have some interesting stuff coming up in relation to my role as Chair of Skateboard GB and Skateboard England - such as national events, maybe some judging...I also look forward to some more trips with Vans and also Lovenskate and I will be travelling to Malmö in August for Pushing Boarders. 

What does living 'Off The Wall' mean to you? 

It means doing as much as you can of what makes you happy!