We're bringing an immersive Twin Peaks marathon to our Cinema

Twin Peaks fans rejoyce! To mark the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death (24th February), we're bringing a weekend of Twin Peaks bonanza to our 100-seat cinema room. 

Join us a we screen the whole of Season One (Pilot included, yes) plus 1992 gem 'Fire Walk With Me'. 

To make things a little more fun, in between screenings you're welcome to help yourself to some er, damn fine, filter coffee, a slice of cherry pie or a tasty donut, they're on the house. And we love a good ol' cosplay, so feel free to dress up as your favourite character while immersing yourself into the sounds of American composer Angelo Badalmenti. 

Showings will be on all weekend, whether you want to catch it all or drop in to catch your favourite episode it's up to you. 

Head to our event section to find out more about showing times and book your seat.